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Vemco MedEd Launches “Outcomes Reports” Portal

Bridgewater, New Jersey - February 2010 - Vemco MedEd, a full service medical education company, is announcing the launch of Outcomes Reports portal on its website. Through this portal, Vemco MedEd has established a system to:

  • share learners reports with other healthcare practitioners
  • provide information about compliance
  • be a source of information to the public

The ultimate goal of continuing medical education is to improve patient care, specifically by improving skills and competencies, and changing practice performance of healthcare providers. Vemco MedEd is dedicated to providing effective CME that:

  • engages learners,
  • helps them reflect on current practices,
  • identifies a gap between their current and desired practice performance and then
  • encourages them to practice what they are learning with feedback to close that gap.

Vemco MedEd, an active partner with both the learners and CE providers, recognizes that any change requires collaboration, cooperation and communication for success. We perform a thorough assessment of all our CME/CE activities through collecting, analyzing, synthesizing and applying data and information gathered from educational activities. .

Then we asked ourselves…
"Do we do a good job of sharing this information for the benefit of healthcare quality improvement?"

Therefore we established a dedicated portal for Outcomes Reports from our CME activities. This portal provides an opportunity for learners to self-reflect and to compare their learning, challenges, and barriers with those of fellow learners.

The first report in this portal pertains to the 2009 Initiative, "Zero Tolerance for Failure: Pharmacists Fight Back!" The outcomes results from this Initiative were also presented at a dedicated poster session at the 44th ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition in December 2009.

Outcomes Reports portal demonstrates Vemco MedEd’s commitment to innovative approaches that contribute to a better understanding of the healthcare environment and, thus, offers solutions for addressing quality improvement.

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