The ultimate goal of this Initiative is to improve patient care, specifically by improving skills and competencies, and changing practice performance of the individual health-system pharmacist in appropriate management of HAIs. Through collaboration with SIDP, assessment has been integrated in every step of this Initiative.

  1. Baseline practice of the individual learners and the unique challenges they face will be assessed through pre-activity surveys. Faculty will attempt to address these specific challenges during the live activity.
  2. Formative assessment techniques will be utilized during the live activity to adjust teaching approach and develop “Quality Improvement: Tool Time”.
  3. Post-Activity Surveys will be used to assess how the individual learner has altered his/her practice to appropriately manage HAIs and the challenges and barriers they continue to face.

As an active partner of both the learners and CME providers, we recognize that continuing education can impact the healthcare environment only through collaboration, cooperation, and communication among its various stakeholders. Therefore, Outcomes Reports from this Initiative will be shared with

  • All learners: This will provide the individual learners an opportunity to see comments from fellow learners.
  • SIDP: This will assist the SIDP in recognizing what can potentially work to reduce the overall practice gap in HAI management.
  • Faculty: This will assist the faculty in tailoring their teaching approach on specific difficult issues and in understanding the challenges the learners continue to face to improve their practice performance.
  • CME/CE provider: This will enhance the understanding of CME providers regarding the effectiveness of educational formats and approaches.
  • All healthcare practitioners
Providing extensive Outcomes Assessment from this Initiative is in keeping with our commitment to innovative approaches that contribute to a better understanding of the healthcare environment and, thus, offers solutions for addressing quality improvement. Click here for Outcomes Report.